Highlights of PM Narendra Modi’s address to the nation on Covid-19:

1. Follow all State & Central Govt advisory
2. हम स्वास्थ तो जगत स्वास्थ
3. Follow Social Distancing
4. Do not step out of home unless it is very very unavoidable
5. Senior citizens, above 60yrs, to be more cautious
6. To follow Janata Curfew this Sunday, 22nd March, 7am to 9pm
7. To thanks all Volunteers/doctors/defence staff etc working for Covid-19 on Sunday at 5pm by expressing gratitude by thanking by clapping, standing, ghanti bajana, thali bajana
8. Do not go to hospitals for routine check ups
9. Postpone any routine & not very urgent surgeries
10. Covid-19 Economic Task Force to be formed to care care of any economic effecr
11. Do not deduct salary of your staff for being absent during these days
12. Do not unnecessarily hoard essential commodities. There will be no shortage of food & essential items
13. मानव जाति विजय हो, देश विजय हो


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